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Soem-ODM-Gesichtshautpflege-Maschinen, Eis-Blau 7 in 1 Hydra-Gesichtsmaschine

Herkunftsort Peking, China
Markenname Sincoheren
Zertifizierung CE
Modellnummer NEIN
Min Bestellmenge 1 Satz
Preis $1400 per set, Negotiable
Verpackung Informationen Standardpaket
Lieferzeit 5-10 Arbeitstage
Zahlungsbedingungen T/T, Western Union
Versorgungsmaterial-Fähigkeit 200 Sätze pro Monat

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Produkt-Name Hydra-Schönheits-Gesichtsmaschine Anwendung Schönheit Salon+Home
Handpiece 7 Material ABS
Service Soem/ODM/24 Stunden Online-Service Verwendung Gesichtsreinigungshaut-Verjüngung





7 in 1 Hydra-Gesichtsmaschine

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Ice Blue For Beauty Salon Peel Facial Skin Care Machines





1. The latest skin care technology.

2. Non- invasive treatment,no side effects.

3. Automatic protection for the machine

4. Fashionable and environmentally friendly design.

5. Adjustable negative pressure and water flux

6. Four different depths of treatment caps for different parts of the face.


7 in 1 handles


High-frequency skin scrubber: Through the action of ultrasonic and high-frequency vibration, it can remove the excess oil on the skin surface, aging cutin and dirt.
Ultrasonic head: The macromolecule nutrients are converted into small molecules by the action of ultrasound, making the skin easier to absorb.
Cold hammer: Reduces pores, firmes and shapes skin.
Ion spray pen: replenishes skin with moisture and nutrients.
Needling rf: Promotes the production of collagen and collagen fibers, plays a role in rejuvenating and reducing pores, and improving fine wrinkles.
Hydra peeling: cleans the skin surface and excess pores in the pores, aging cutin and dirt.
Camera detection pen: detects skin problems.






The Facial Dream Dermabrasion is the premium tower system with full add- on modality controls and upgradability. The Touch-Tm utilizes an intuitive touch screen PLUS built-in protocols making operation simple and easy.


Four wheels allow for mobility between treatment rooms

Four serum ports with flip toggles make serum switches quick and effortless

Convenient tool holders keep supplies at hand

Self-cleaning mode saves prep time between clients



Product features


Easy to use: AI intelligent analysis, convenient operation, no surgery, no skin breaking, strong safety.

Intelligent Face Recognition Technology (face scanning to login)


Mobile app multi device interconnection: Mobile APP background control, multi- device real-time interconnection, multi- device back-ground data query, convenient and fast.


High resolution and high resolution diagnosis (solve customers' facial problems and care)


Re commended professional skin care products


Top optical hardware panoramic analysis of skin details:

Use hemispherical panoramic advanced design, ergonomic

10 million Pixels macro camera, 8-12 seconds for one shot (1 minute for many others)

3 Spectral Sampling Technology, Effectively Reach Deep Skin Problems

High resolution and high definition diagnosis, accurate analysis of skin problems in eight dimensions





 Vacuum range  700mmHg
 Output control  Touch screen & handle switch
 Gold RF  Fast response multipole (energy level 10 adjustment)
 Electrophoresis  1MHZ (energy level 10 adjustment)
 Ultrasonic  1MHZ (energy level 10 adjustment)
 Cold hammer  Water-cooled & air-cooled (energy level 10 adjustment)
 High-frequency scrubber  25KHZ (energy level 10 adjustment)
 Spray gun pen  2000mmHg
 Interface  10.1 inch computer touch screen
 Input voltage  110-240V 50-60HZ 150AV



Soem-ODM-Gesichtshautpflege-Maschinen, Eis-Blau 7 in 1 Hydra-Gesichtsmaschine 0Soem-ODM-Gesichtshautpflege-Maschinen, Eis-Blau 7 in 1 Hydra-Gesichtsmaschine 1